Looking like another busy year! Check out the opportunities below...

We currently casting;
Project CTM3-  three non-union commercials!

Find full details on this below under current projects!

Hope you are training and have your headshot and resume ready for all opportunities this busy 2016!

Keep checking for New Projects under CURRENT PROJECTS!
and submit asap!

Don't procrastinate, or you may lose your chance of a lifetime!

Lori is now a proud member of the Casting Directors Society of Canada

Making her official status Lori Stefaniuk CDC

There are two things a director looks for - a professional headshot and "training".

This shows a director and producers you are advancing your skill level and investing in yourself.
And if you are, they will too!

Present a proper package of a professional headshot and resume (that includes your ongoing training) and they will take interest!

Please see below for information on a great deal on headshots!!

No better time than now to makes sure you have your package ready for all future projects!

If you are new to us or haven't submitted in a while, please make sure we have your current headshot and resume on file!

See proper procedure below in red under current projects.

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

Mark Twain


Note: when applying for a project please follow the steps requested. If you don't do this correctly it makes us question whether you will be able to follow directions on set or in the studio!

When emailing us:

- Always include the project and your name in the subject line!
i.e. Project ABC - Your name (age)

- Always include your contact number(s) in the body of the text!

- Always submit your headshot in jpg format no larger than 1mb and resume in Word (.doc)

- And send all submissions to both This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

NEW Project announcements!


Moving fast on this one!


CTM3-1: Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 or Friday, March 4th (weather permitting)

CTM3-2: Sunday, March 6th

CTM3-3: Anytime! this week or next (weather dependent) / expect a last minute call!

This project will be picture cast only so YOU MUST LOOK LIKE YOUR HEADSHOT. NO EXCEPTIONS.
If you don't, please include a current clear individual pic.

Submission deadline: ASAP
Do it now!

Looking for:

All ethnic backgrounds welcome for all roles!

CTM3-1: A family!
4-5 members / can be two or three generations
So parents with 3 kids or 2 kids and a grandparent
Individuals also welcome to apply

CTM3-2: Friends!
Looking for one group of two girlfriends and one male/female "couple"
Ages: 30-45yrs
Must be physically fit and comfortable to wear a bathing suit in front of camera

CTM3-3: Skaters!
All ages welcome to submit
Must have your own skates
This shoot is weather dependent so the more flexible you are the better smile emoticon

Note: all roles are non-speaking but must be comfortable in front of camera (for close-ups!)

If you are interested and available please send CURRENT headshot (in jpg) and resume (in word not pdf) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it IMMEDIATELY.

Submit EXACTLY as instructed below.

Having an existing profile on Breakdown Services/Actor Access is highly recommended.

Subject line: Project CTM3-1,2 or 3 / your name (age) / role

In body of email list exactly as below:

1. Name
2. Age
2b. If a minor please include parent/guardian's name
3. Contact number
3b. Agent's name and contact number
4. I have been in the following commercials over the last 3 years:
5. State: I am available for (list date of the commercial you are submitting for), for commercial CTM3-3 please give us your availability over the next two weeks (also give limitations for all commercials)
6. Role I am submitting for is:
7. If you are submitting with other family members please list their names and roles here (however still submit individually).

No time to waste - submit now!


"It's never too late to be what you should have been." - Meg Tilley


If you want to do commercial, film and television work, please make sure we have your most current headshot and resume on file. Mostly all non-speaking film, television and commercial roles are chosen by your photo - and if it's not a professional headshot, directors and producers don't take you seriously.

You should, like we do, want to (and do!) work at a certain level of professionalism. For you - part of that is presenting a proper industry standard headshot of yourself (the other part is ongoing training!)

Remember your headshot is your calling card - and your first and sometimes only time to make a good impression!

We can't stress enough how much you are helping your career by having a proper headshot!


... make the investment in yourself and your career and get a professional headshot done!

Not every photographer knows how to take a proper industry standard headshot.

Support local artists! Get your North American standard headshot done with a photographer from Winnipeg!

Next session: 

Sunday March 6th, 2015

NEW! by individual appointment

Don't miss your chance, email now to reserve your spot.

To: Headshot crew This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please include your name and contact number in the email.

This is a career and you have to work at it. Make sure you are the best you can be!

You have to prove to the director, producer, and client you are ready for their challenge!

The best way to do this is ongoing training! Take a look above at the great course being offered that will help you prepare for your opportunity - 5 Lines and Under!!

With the year only getting busier there is no better time to invest in your career!

Sign up now before it's sold out!

Advance your talent and knowledge so you are prepared for the coming projects!!

Plus if you miss out on these it may be a while before Lori is available and they are offered again!

What is the difference between a Casting Director and a Talent Agent/Agency?

We are often asked this question. Here is the answer;

A Talent Agent is part of an agency that works to represent talent. They actively pursue acting opportunities for their clients. For this, the client pays a commission to their agent/agency on all work they receive. The industry standard is 15%. No one should be asked to pay a fee up front to join an agency.

A Casting Director works on behalf of the production. They are hired and paid by the production to find the appropriate talent for the project. They do not respresent talent and do not take a percentage of talent's earnings.

Manitoba is the only location in North America where you don't need an agent to be involved in a film, television or commercial. And because of that many people are self represented and submit directly to us.

The two positions are very different and separate from one another.
We have no affiliation with any agencies.

We're getting rave reviews on our latest ...


- How do you create character with just one line?

- Is your character important to the project if you have just one line?

- How do you make your one or two lines "pop" in an audition

Most local actors land roles in the "actor" category. That is 5 lines or less.
As many of you know - there is much more to even one line than those few words!

This workshop will teach you how to prepare a nuanced and layered character for your audition even though you are delivering only a few lines.

We will work in a comfortable, supportive environment - allowing you to grow and see changes by putting what you learn into action right there in classroom!

Never underestimate the power of only a few lines - Oscars have been won on these performances!

Workshop date : next potential workshop is Spring of 2016
This workshop always sells out. To ensure you get in on the next one, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get on the list!

The first five workshops were a huge success!

Sides will be mailed out to actors 48 hours in advance. Don't wait till the last minute to register!

Avoid disappointment, sing-up by emailing: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


PROJECT PHD - non-union commercial

Shot: January 2016

Congratulations to Rod Westendorf
...and remember Just Slow Down!

PROJECT FSCP - non-union bilingual commercial

Shot: December 2015

Always great to receive challenging projects like this and as a result
find even more talented and wonderful people
right here in our beautiful city!

non-union commercial

Shot: December 2015

Congratulations to the Seenie women!

PROJECT CCMHR - non-union commercial

Shooting: November 2015

Congratulations to the Reyes Family!

We hope you have a wonderful day on set!

PROJECT CMM - non-union commercial

Shot: November 2015

Congratulations to the Clayton Family for being chosen for this spot!


Starring: Adam Beach and Emma Tremblay

Shot: September/October 2015

What a thrill to be part of this lovely project by Jeremy Torrie!

PROJECT FCP - union commercial

Shot: October 2015

Great to be able to bring out such talented union members for this project!

PROJECT FSCN - non-union commercial

Shot: October 2015

Wonderful shoot with great diversity - really looking forward to seeing the end result on this one!

PROJECT BCB - non-union photo shoot

Shot: September 2015

Thanks to the beautiful people from and who made the drive to Steinbach!

PROJECT FFDF - union commercial

Shot: September 2015

So nice to see so many ACTRA members get this opportunity!

Shot: September 2015

PROJECT CR - non-union commercial

Shot: September 2015

Congratulations to Michael for landing this amazing gig

PROJECT FBC - non-union commercial

Shot: September 2015

Congratulations to those chosen - imagine getting paid to shoot a dinner party lol!

PROJECT FTU - 2 x non-union commercials

Shot: August 2015

Congratulations to those chosen - so fun to get paid to party!

PROJECT FWG - non-union promotional video

Shot: August 2015

Congratulations to those chosen for this "magical" experience!

PROJECT PROJECT SS - non-union animated TV series

Recordings start in August 2015

Hello! who doesn't secretly wish to be a voice of a TV cartoon character?!
Some very talented - previously experienced and new now have a chance!
Congratulations to All selected! Have fun in the studio!!

PROJECT TSC - non-union commercial video

Shot: beginning of August 2015

Congratulations to the 4 actors involved in this video!
Rave reviews on performances already

PROJECT HC3 - non-union commercial

Shot: July 2015

Can't wait to see the results of this one!

PROJECT PEW - non-union commercial

Shot: July 2015

Joan was a trooper shooting outside for 10 hours during that heatwave on the 26th!

PROJECT TCME - non-union commercial

Shot: June 2015

So much fun! Check out the final results at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fi4rZ90dFc

PROJECT WIND CITY SEASON II - union web series

Shot: June 2015

Congratulations to the ALL LOCAL cast and crew
Such a blast to work on this one!
Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbQOF6uL8dQ for Season I

- union feature film

Shot: May-June 2015

Congratulations to all the local actors who landed roles
We can't wait to see this one!!!

PROJECT TCME - non-union in-house video

Shot: May 2015

Congratulations to:

Courier - Aaron S
Office Worker - Bettina
Guy - Steed C
Truck Driver - Ian P

PROJECT CBCR - 2 x non-union commercials

Shot: May 2015

Congratulations to:
Exec - Martin W
S - Rachel M
Eng - Teela T
G - Jared A
D - Eric P
E - Darren F

PROJECT FMLA & PROJECT FMCA - non-union commercials

Shot: March 2015

Congratulations to the many talented actors and musicians who were involved with this project!

BOREALIS - independent feature film
Thanks and lucky you! (that's the way we feel!) to everyone who was involved in this project.
Yet another sure to be hit written by and stars Jonas Chernick! Sean Garrity will direct - two hometown Arts heros!

STEEL - independent feature film
We are so proud of being a part of this project written by Melissa Kajpust and produced by Jean du Toit - two fabulously talented Winnipeg women!

PROJECT FHR - union commercial

This is a very special project and we would like to thank Elder Wally S, we look forward to shooting more with you in December!

Congratulations also to Taesia and Ella along with Bernard Boland.

Shot: October 2014

Congratulations to PROJECT MOW - non-union commercial

Congratulations to Robbie Ambrosia, Dennis Scullard, Trudy Alexander, Donna Bartlett, and Andrew Wong!

Shot: October 2014

PROJECT MTS -S - Provincial union commercial

Congratulations to all that participated - this was one fun Saturday for all ages!

Shot: September 2014

PROJECT MGEU - Provincial union commercial

Congratulations to all that participated! This was a big 3 day shoot. Can wait to see all your talented faces on TV!

Shot: September 2014

PROJECT FEMB - Provincial print ad

Currently shooting! Congratulations to all those chosen to participate. You are wonderful representatives of our fine Province.

Shot: September 2014

PROJECT STEEL - independent feature film

That's a wrap! Thanks to everyone who came out and participated on this little project with a big heart.

Shot: August 2014

PROJECT RVOLV - non-union web ad

We know everyone involved had so much fun shooting this. Can't wait to see it!

Shot: August 2014

PROJECT FCSM - union Provincial commercial

Congratulations to all union members cast!

Shot: July 2014


Congratulations to Daniel Chen, Keith Damboise and Darren Martens!

Shot: July 2014

PROJECT BNC - non-union billboard and newspaper campaign

Congratulations to all the youth who were selected to participate! You did an excellent job!

Shot: April 2014

PROJECT NSI - union workshop

In March, Lori did her annual work with the NSI Drama Prize winners from across Canada.
It was a huge success and 16 lucky actors were exposed to Canada's next top directors and producers.

PROJECT MNU - union industrial video

This was a big project with 21 cast and 20 background.
Congratulations to all that were involved over the 3 day shoot!

Shot: March 2014

PROJECT DPD - non-union independent

Congratulations to Ruth Bond who received rave reviews from all involved!

Shot: March 2014

PROJECT PND - non-union TV doc

Congratulations to the 25 x Men and 25 x Women who came out - you looked fabulous dahlings!
The director was very pleased with all your talent!

Shot: March 2014

PROJECT DF - non-union web commercial

Congratulations to Tracey Pniowsky, Darren Martens and Janna Dilts!

Shot: March 2014

PROJECT MMW - non-union in-house corporate commercial video:

Congratulations to all the 10 talented actors chosen from their professional headshots!

Shot: November 2013

Project 3CP - non-union public service announcement:

Congratulations to Tracey and Anna Pniowsky!

Shot: October 2013



Along with the returning talents of fabulous local actors Mike Bell, Sarah Constible and Benjamin Slugoski Walters, we were joined in the studio by a wonderful array of talented Winnipeg actors to add a voice to some Off-Screen characters. They were; Jeff Skinner, Mariam Bernstein, Jan Skene, Randy Apostle, Jacqueline Loewen, Toby Hughes and James Durham.

In Studio: November 2013

Project H - non-union TV commercials (3):

Congratulations to Keenan and Eugenia Lehmann, Anthony Grant, Chuck Duboff and Darren Martens
Watch for their spots airing now!

Shot: Fall 2013

PROJECT WINDCITY - union web series:

Congratulations to all involved in this sure to be a winner new web series! Talk about world class local talent! Every single person involved in this project - from writer, producers, director, cast and crew - is based out of Winnipeg!

Check out this must see trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxF4yWsTlQA&feature=youtu.be

Shot: Fall 2013


Project CASHING IN - union TV series - Season IV (final year)

It's always such a thrill to work with the amazingly talented local director Norma Bailey.
Congratulations to all the Manitoba actors who landed roles.
Did we look nationally - yes we did. Did we have to hire outside the Province - no we didn't! Because we had all amazing talent we needed right here!!

Shot Fall 2013

Project SCU - non-union TV commercials (3):

Wow! awesome experience working with New York director Linda Hassani and all the fit athletes who made the rest of us feel very out of shape ha!

Shot late Summer 2013

Project TEEN LUST - union Feature Film

Fun and Funny! What a blast to work with the talented and modest director and writer Blaine Thurier. This whole team was a treat to work with!
Thanks to Farpoint Films for bringing us onto the team!
Congratulations to the local and once local cast who landed roles on this project! And to all the bg who really "transformed" themselves - you were awesome!

Shot late Summer / early Fall 2013

Project CRY/FLY - union Feature Film

Congratulations to all the actors and background performers involved in this magical experience. We were so privleged to have Claudia Llosa come here with her amazing project.
Many of you wrote to us about your experience on this set as being one of the best experiences of your life. Please know that the crew felt the same way and Ms. Llosa and her team were delighted in each and everyone of your performances!

Shot early 2013

Project SRS - non-union Drama

Congratulations to all the talent selected for this very unique project! The writers have left us wanting more - and fingers crossed they be back to shoot just that!

Shot: March/April 2013

Project MTS2 - union commercial

Congratulations to Alicia Johnston, Pierre Bohemier, Danielle Savage, Sharon Mohammed and all the students! With special congratulations to our hero boy Joshua S.
Keep an eye out for this commercial coming soon!

Shot: March 2013

PROJECT IMC - billboard ad campaign

Congratulations to: Jazmine Lozenski, Bryan Wassenaar, Nadia Douglas, Dean Marcotte, Glenn Odera, Jen Varga, David Sutherland, Angela Sutherland, Mario De Negri, Elizabeth Stephanson and Joel Parker.

Shot: March 2013


Project U - non-union in-house corporate video

Spokesperson - Congratulations to Shane Cooney!

Shot: March 2013


PROJECT P - CBC Doc Zone Documentary

Psychopath - Congratulations to Geoff Banjavich

Female Victim - Congratulations to Nadine Pinette

Thanks to all those who did featured and background roles! You're awesome too!

Shot: February/March 2013


PROJECT MSC - union commercial

Congratulations to: Candace Smith, Julia Arkos, Adam Hurtig, Darren Ross and Tyhr Trubiak

Shot: February/March 2013


PROJECT CC - non-union 3 x 30 sec. commercials

Congratulations to Erik Athavale!

Shot: Friday, January, 2013


PROJECT CB - non-union commercial

Congratulations to all 30 who participated (we promise to list your names soon!)

What a win/win situation - clients loved the talent's work and the talent had a blast on set!

Shot: Tuesday, December 4th, 2012


PROJECT Z - union sanctioned low budget short / Live Action Film and Video - 13:00

Congratulations to Adam Hurtig!

Shoots: December 2012



We are happy to have cast a live version of this project for Guy's installation at the WAG for Nuit Blanche and 3 other dates.

Congratulations to: Leigh Truant, Samantha Walters, Jessica Lemanski and Hayley McMurray on a job well done!

Here is a link to what the Globe and Mail thought about the installation (definitely worth the read!):


(you may have to cut and paste!)


PROJECT PDF - non-union / brand in-store video and commercial

Shot: November 6th

BUSINESS MAN - congratulations to Marc Bobei!

FASHIONABLE WOMAN - congratulations to Flo Oramasionwu!

GRANDMA - congratulations to Gail Brigham!

SPORTS GUY - congratulations to Damian Sokolowski!

MOM AND CHILD - congratulations to Kirsten and Arthur Klueckmann!


PROJECT SRS - 1 HR. DRAMA (non-union) - will air Globally!

Federica - congratulations to Victoria Hill!

Man - congratulations to Harpreet Turka!

Sasha - congratulations to Terry Michalyshyn!

Injured Cameraman - congratulations to Nickolas Petuhoff!

Medic 1  - congratulations to Sasha Tsilinsky!

Medic 2  - congratulations to Damian Sokolowsky!

Evenki  - congratulations to Ed Gutierrez!

Evenki II  - congratulations to Sonny Ayson!

Shooting will continue in 2013!

PROJECT DD - COMMERCIAL (union) - will air Provincially

1 X SOC Male
- congratulations to Jason Wishnowski!

- congratulations to Jeff Sutton!

1 X BG Grandparent
- congratulations to Susan Kelso!

1 X BG Male Parent
- congratulations to Pat Harris!

1 X BG Female Parent
- congratulations to Cheryl Soluk!

1 X BG Teen Sibling
- congratulations to Megean Haber!

1 X BG Girlfriend
- congratulations to Candice Heylinger!

1 X BG Priest (or Minister / non-specific denomination)
- congratulations to James Janssens!

9 X BG Friends:
- congratulations to: Christopher Freeland! Nicole Brokopp! Jacqueline Rano! Griffin Haughian-Shillingford! Bryan Young! Nazariy Demkowicz! Satara Subedar! Aisha Alfa! and Jordan Dock!

Shot: early August and mid September 2012
Now airing!!

PROJECT G&R - COMMERCIAL (non-union) - will air on TV and website

Female Spokesperson
- congratulations to Veronica Ternopolski!

Shot: early August 2012
Watch for her commercial airing now



This commercial will air in Canada and the US!

1. Wife - congratulations to Kim Zeglinski

2. Woman - congratulations to Pilar Floyd

3. Man - congratulations to John B. Duff

Shot: end of June 2012



Nisha - congratulations to Reena Shah!

Clara - congratulations to Elena Anciro!

The Supervisor - congratulations to Ernesto Griffith!

Raul - congratulations to Carlos Romero!

Clara' s child - congratulations to Kaitlin!

Shot: end of April 2012


PROJECT RRB - VIDEO (non-union)

Male -
Congratulations to Shane Cooney!

Female - Congratulations to Aisha Alfa!

Shot: beginning of May 2012



THE CHRISTMAS HEART has now wrapped! 

It is a lovely and touching family story about a teenage boy who receives a new heart for Christmas starring Teri Polo (Meet the Fockers).

Thanks to everyone who participated in making another project a wonderful success shot in Winnipeg!



1. Mom - congratulations to Angie Spearing!

2. Daughter - congratulations to Aimee Cadorath!

3. Dad - congratulations to Roy Nelson!

4. Son - congratulations to Garnet Verhaeghe!


PROJECT SA II - animated full feature (non-union)

Congratulations to the following actors who landed roles:

Gene Pyrz, Pete Hudson, Laurie Mustard, Bernard Boland, Gary Jarvis, Naz Infante and Tristan Mackid as the lead Nicolas!

Don't miss your chance! Continue to check in and stay tuned for this year's projects...

PROJECT CAA: commercial (non-union)

Shoot dates: TBA - still waiting for more snow and cold temperatures! Congratulations and "break a leg" to the below local talent...


1 x female - congratulations Virine Bahadoosingh!

1 x male husband - congratulations Erik Athavale!

1 x male neighbour - congratulations Roy Nelson!

Spot #2: "THEN AND NOW"

1 x female motorist - congratulations Angie Spearing!

1 x male CAA employee - congratulations Craig Harrison!

PROJECT DR (non-union commercial):

Two (ice) skaters - have fun shooting your commercial with a Winnipeg Jets player this month to:

1 X male - congratulations Wyatt Alexander!

1 X female - congratulations Jackie Smith!

Commercial is for company sponsoring upcoming Jets game.
Those chosen will be shooting the commercial with A WINNIPEG JET IN THE MTS CENTRE!!
And it will be seen on the jumbo tron during a Jets home game!

Don't lose the momentum! Stay active in your pursuits!!!

We have received wonderful and inspiring emails from many of you that caught the buzz from being on the set of GOON, LUCKY CHRISTMAS and other projects!

If you are interested in future work - such a being featured or in a commercial or even auditioning for a role YOU MUST have a good headshot!

Directors and producers will not take you seriously if you do not have one!

This is your calling card - your first and sometimes only chance to make a good impression!

If you are interested in getting a good headshot done but don't know where to go, please email us and we will help you make an informed decision.

"This is an investment not an expense"

I am proud to have been in a business that gives pleasure, creates beauty, and awakens our conscience, arouses compassion, and perhaps most importantly, gives millions a respite from our so violent world.

Audrey Hepburn

PROJECT MASA: feature (union)


Congratulations to MASA and all who created it for being a TIFF 2012 selection! Catch it in local theatres now!!

That's a wrap! Thanks to all who came out for this adventure!

Please be sure to support this made in Manitoba featuring Manitoba talent feature film when it hits the theatres. We will keep you posted on release dates.

We are so proud of the great successes Jonas and Sean have become. And can't thank them enough for bringing their project home!

A bit about the project...

We love it when talented people remember their roots and come home!
How exciting to have National talents; writer/actor JONAS CHERNICK and director SEAN GARRITY come back from Toronto with their project.

This romantic comedy stars JONAS CHERNICK as conservative accountant Jordan Abrams. To win back his unsatisfied ex-girlfriend, Jordan enlists the help of Julia - an uninhibited exotic dancer - to guide him on a quest for sexual experience, leading him into a world of strip clubs, sensual massage parlors, cross dressing and S & M.

PROJECT POS - Feature (union):

What a thrill it was to spend the end of our summer working with local talents; writer/director/producer -Jeremy Torrie and actor/producer Adam Beach (we can still claim him as a local right lol!)

They along with the other fabulous local talent, out of town talent and great collective crew made for a wonderful experience for all involved.

...and I think Jeremy's script made us all a little smarter - or if not, then definitely more enlightened!

Can't wait to see the end results! Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved for making this a memorable and positive experience.

PROJECT CP - Feature (union):

CLASS PROJECT is a feature film starring Abigail Breslin and Mira Sorvino.

Teenage sisters SANDRA and BETH have been at the mercy of their sad alcoholic mother - and her abusive boyfriends - for as far back as they can remember. The situation is getting worse with each passing day and no one seems willing to help, so the sisters decide to take matters into their own hands and put their mother out of her misery. But when they take some high school friends into their confidence, they complicate what could have been the perfect crime...

We are now wrapped on this project and would like to thank all those involved in making it such a successful shoot!

Sometimes you have the great fortune to work on a project with some of the best. We had that experience with the above the line on this one! and we are truly delighted to have been part of the project! Here's hoping we see more of producer turned director, the talented Mr. Stanley Brooks and the always level, calm and smiling producer Damian Ganczewski.

Thanks again locally to Juliette Hagopian of Juliejette Inc for bringing this one to town!

PROJECT C - ad campaign (non-union):

Congratulations to Kevin Aichele who was chosen to play both roles in this project!

PROJECT ACU - commercial (non-union):

Congratulations to the talent chosen for this project! It is already airing on local channels!

PROJECT LC - MOW for HALLMARK channel (union)


Thank you to everyone who participated!
This project premiered in Canada on the W Network in
December 2011. Here's hoping it will become a Christmas classic aired every year especially because it stars Winnipeg's very own Mitchell Kummen!

Thanks locally to Juliette Hagopian of Juliejette Inc for bringing this one to town!

PROJECT MTS - commercial (non-union)

Congratulations to the chosen cast! As it happens, this project was also open to Toronto talent and they went with 3 from here and two from there - way to go local talent!!
Once again we thank Frantic for this project and the opportunity to work with the award winning director Yael Staav.
Please take the time to enjoy this commercial when you see it!

PROJECT S: Corporate video (union)

Congratulations to the ACTRA actors who landed this gig!
The client was very impressed with the level of talent we brought out.

PROJECT M: National commercial (union)

The talented ACTRA hockey players of Winnipeg along with the hockey playing boys in Brandon are still riding a high having shot a national Molson beer commercial at the end of March! Now the hockey season has started we all look forward to catching it on TV.

What a thrill to be part of the experience!

PROJECT NC: ad campaign (non-union)

What a wonderful feeling to be part of a new HIV awareness campaign!

Please watch for posters and billboards coming out soon!

And no matter who you are - play safe!!

PROJECT RI: Corporate in-house information video (non-union)

Congratulations to the talented people chosen for this project!

And we thank Centric for the opportunity to work with their dynamite team!

PROJECT D: Commercial (non-union)

We thank Frantic Films commercial division once again for this opportunity!
Congratulations to those chosen for the commercial.

Everyone was picked from their headshot - never under estimate the value of having a good professional headshot!

PROJECT MGEU: Commercial (union)

We continue to be so proud of the talent in our Province!
The client had no problem finding exactly who they needed for their upcoming commercial.
In fact, we are pleased to say it took some deliberation to narrow it down to the 12 cast!
Congratulations to those selected! And for all the rest of you - job well done on your auditions and know we will be calling again in the near future with more opportunities!

Thank you Frantic Films commercial division for this opportunity!

PROJECT G:  GOON - Feature (union) - premiered at TIFF 2011!!

What a fun adventure this project was!

We feel so lucky to have been part of this very funny hockey comedy! Big thank yous to our incredibly talented director Michael Dowse, the always entertaining co-writer and actor Jay Baruchel, "Hollywood's Man in Canada" producer Don Carmody and the one who kept it all rolling ex-Winnipegger - line producer and production manager Hartley Gorenstein!

We thank you too! All of those who participated in making this project another success story for the Manitoba film industry! And congratulations - to the hard working crew on a job well done and all the talented local actors who received roles in this project!

Go see GOON now!

Project HD:  HELLO, DARLING now renamed PASSIONFLOWER - premiered at VIFF 2011!!

...and continues to win awards and be part of film festivals including the Gimli Film Festival 2012

Please see the beautiful PASSIONFLOWER trailer now on the website: Hello Darling
... and don't forget to become an 'Hello Darling' Facebook friend!
Thank you to the lovelies; Shelagh Carter (writer and director) and Polly Washburn (producer) for allowing us to be part of this magical production.


We are thrilled to have done the principal casting for CI III! This highly successful series is almost entirely guided by incredibly talented women at the helm! Directed by Norma Bailey and Tracey Deer, produced by Vanessa Loewen of Animiki See Digital Productions, Jean Du Toit of Buffalo Gal pictures, and Tina Keeper who also appears as AURA SPHERE in the series!

Be sure to show your support for locally produced projects and watch this action packed series! Check out the fab CASHING IN website


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